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Before proceeding, please note: If you are not sending an e-mail about a matter on which Schwartz LLC currently represents you, do not include any information in this e-mail that you or someone else considers confidential or secret in nature. Contacting Schwartz LLC does not establish a lawyer-client relationship, and sending confidential information without such a relationship in place does not create any confidentiality obligations.

We cannot represent you until we know there would not be a conflict of interest, and we determine that we can and will serve as your lawyers. Consequently, if you are not a current Schwartz LLC client writing about a matter on which we currently represent you, then by clicking on the prompt below to continue with this e-mail, you agree that we have no obligation to keep confidential any information in the e-mail and that we may represent a client adverse to you, even in a matter where the information could and will be used against you.

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感谢您发给Leia Li邮件

在继续之前,请注意: 如果您发送的邮件不是关于Schwartz LLC目前所代表您处理的事项,请不要在邮件中包含您或其他人认为属于机密或秘密性质的任何信息。联系Schwartz LLC并不会建立律师-客户关系,在没有这种关系的情况下发送机密信息也不会产生任何保密义务。

直到我们确定不会有利益冲突之前我们不会代理您,并且我们可以决定是否并且愿意担任您的律师。因此,如果您目前不是Schwartz LLC的客户想要我们为您提供代理服务,那么通过点击下面的提示继续本邮件,您同意我们没有义务对邮件中的任何信息保密,并且同意我们可能代理与您利益冲突的客户,即使在该信息可能被用于对您不利的情况下。



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